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     Thai Beauty explores what the women in America doesn't want you to know. Where Else but Thailand can you spend $13 to share your bed with a lovely beauty. You do not need to go too bars to creampie a beautiful Thai girl, but the pussy shows are great! After my first trip to Thailand I sold the wife, house and kids to stay here the rest of my Life. Now every day i have a new beauty sucking my dick but I do have my favorites.


Thai CutiesWhat are Thai Girls like in bed? They are so hot! It's as if the the spicy food they eat fires their blood. I have known alot of them that are multi-orgasmic. I don't think I have seen any girls close to this, except maybe Filipinas. Their culture is more about sex than the West and most girls aren't shy about nudity. I would have to cross my fingers to have a white girl take off their clothes with the lights on.

Thai bargirls at Every hol's a gogo!! So What are the bars like in Thailand?
There is no where else like the bars in Thailand. Maybe seconded to Amsterdam. Three major hot spots are bankok, Pattaya and Phuket. Bangkok has the best shows but cost more for barfines and you have to be carful of not getting a Katoey or ladyboy.

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Well I have to say it's their lovely brown skin
that turns me on. When I drop my white load on that perfect tanned ass it makes me want to go another round. Also, their sexuality and willing to please has to be the kicker. Like one girl brought along her freind to fuck me all night cause she thought I was bored and wanted to keep me as a client !

Thailand Sex GuideShould I go to Thailand as a Sex Tourist?
That always depends on personal choice. Sex Tourism is becoming the new thing in single man travel. We are starting to figure out the we shouldn't drop big money in the hopes of scoring a chick in commericialized countries. When there places with in 12 hours flight where you can fuck the girl of your dreams for less than the cost of a steak dinner in the US.

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